Lisa G, 2007
"Relax and enjoy your day - Honey is great."

Julia Keneipp, 2007
"Great Company"

Julia W, 2007
"Experience, knowledge, reliability - the best in town"

"Really wonderful people and company."

"Great! Fantastic!"

"Absolutely dedicated."

"Really wonderful team. Honey is really a great people person."

"She was so easy to work with and really took the time to listen and understand what we wanted for our big day. She created the fun and fabulous atmosphere we wanted both for ourselves and all of our guests. "

Kathy F
"She has amazing taste, great people skills and knows what every bride needs! She is the best, no question and no doubt!

Earlie, 2005
"The team at Seize The Day are exceptional. They are
compassionate and really visionary. All of our dreams
became a reality. I loved them."

Karen S
"Honey and her team are the best! She has the experience
and staff available and really works hard. Our dreams came

"They are fabulous. They make dreams a reality."

"Simply the best. They are dedicated and compassionate.

"Great team. They have great ideas and are very efficient.
Love them"

Lucy G
"Seize the Day are simply wonderful. They are dedicated
and really helpful. They are always available for us and have
a great team. "

Mary Ann
"I was really lucky to choose Seize The Day - the team and
Honey are truly exceptional and really great. They made my
day the greatest of my life."

Sanjiv Garg
"They are passionate and competent."

Tina Wilson
"Caring and innovative. Honey and her crew will excite and
ignite your imagination!"

"I have known and worked with Honey for a long time. She is
dedicated and a delight. The best"